д-р Светослав Савов


Svetoslav Savov, PhD

Svetoslav Savov is a clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst with expressed interests in the field of personality disorders, broderline states and mentalisation. He teaches in a Clinical Psychology course at the Cognitive Science and Psychology Department of the New Bulgarian University. He served as Director of the Master Programme in Clinical Psychology – Psychoanalytical Perspective at the same university (2011-2012). He is leading a research project at the International Psychoanalytical Association under the title „Mentalisation and Personality Organisation in Heroin-Aditcted Patients“. He is author of a series of papers on the matter. He visited seminars at the Berlin Psychoanalytical Institute „Karl Abraham“ and the „Han Groen-Prakken“ Psychoanalytical Institute for Eastern Europe.

Fluent in: Bulgarian and English languages.