THE FREUD FOLDER was compiled by Ana Belchior Melícias – a psychoanalyst from the Portuguese Psychoanalytical Society. It provides a permanent source of information and complementary material to the study of Freud’s life and work. It’s striking visuals and carefully designed fold-outs were conceived for at-a-glance and didactic consultation.



It is composed of five charts:

  • TIMELINE – life / work / world / IPA
  • GENEALOGY – Freud’s family tree
  • PSYCHOANALYTIC FILIATIONS – the analysands of the pioneers analysts
  • THE SCHOOLS OF PSYCHOANALYSIS – the main theoretical schools and their principles
  • INTERVIEW WITH FREUD – aged seventy, a rare interview to the journalist George Sylvester Viereck

To reach as many people as possible there is a digital version for free consultation, that can be presently found on IPA website ( or at

For those who are interested to keep a printed version for the future in personal or public libraries, the home page of the site has a link to the Freud Folder page on website where it can be ordered. It can also be found in Karnac website an in Freud Museum of London and Sigmund Freud Museum of Vienna shops.